The CORIA Project

A Tour

This is a Google Earth tour of the Edwardian excavations at Corbridge. Using the published excavation photos by J.P. Gibson, you will be gently transported from site to site in chronological order. Below is a video previewing the tour.

When you are ready you can download the KMZ file (either left-click on it to start Google Earth immediately or right-click and select Save Link As, or whatever your browser's equivalent might be) from here:


Once you have started Google Earth, you will need to set it up to provide the optimum conditions for the tour. From the menu bar go to Tools -> Options and then select the Touring tab. Set both Fly-to Speed and Tour Speed to 0.1000 and Tour Pause to 5.0 seconds. Finally, make sure that the Show balloon when tour is paused box is checked. Now you can click the play button (a black triangle) at the bottom of the Places section in the side bar to see the whole tour in sequence. Alternatively, double-click any of the entries in the sidebar to examine it individually.

supervisor with altar